Friday, 21 December 2012

You have to smile at the End of the World :)

Well, the Mayan’s were correct and the doomsday people were, thankfully, wrong... The world did not end today.

I imagine those who got caught up in the ‘world is nigh’ are either relieved or feeling a little red in the face, not to mention a few £’s lighter.

Some descended on a small village in Bugarach, France, where it’s said, the mountain is a garage for UFO’s which would supposedly transport them to safety, presumably to some hospitable planet unknown to mankind as yet.

Others paid £600 per person to party the end of the world away in a Russian Cold War bunker 184 feet below ground level which had been turned into a nightclub.

If the Druids and Pagans (and perhaps some Doomsdayer’s) believed it was going to rain fire and brimstone then they were going to see their last night out at Stonehenge because over 5,000 gathered there to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

At least they enjoyed themselves in their respective chosen locations.

As for those who stocked up on tins, dried food and bottled water in preparation of being holed up for a few months, take heart, you are a few leaps ahead the rest of us should some disaster befall the world in the near or distant future.

How did you prepare for the End of the World?